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− Our story −


An idea that started with a simple dinner among friends in March 2014, became a magnificent new project based upon friendship and lots of fun. Today we are so proud and excited to announce you the opening of our brand new after work bar. After nearly 9 long months of preparation and renovation works, the day of the opening has finally arrived. We would like to invite you all to remove all planned activities from your agenda’s on the 27th and the 28th of November in order to join us and to celebrate together at the B 65.En zo, op 27 november, werd B65 geboren! .

− Concepts −



  • Wednesday : Tapas Night à Free tapas with your drinks until 7 pm + Happy Hour 8pm-10pm.

    Inspired by an Italian concept ‘Aperitivo’. An aperitivo is, in general an alcoholic drink accompanied by some tasty snacks.

    In the first place it is nice and cozy but an Italian would not be a real Italian if there would not be a special meaning linked to this use. Where the digestive is eaten after the meal to help the digestion, the aperitivo ‘opens’ the stomach and prepares the intestines for the meal that is to come.

    Whether it is true or not… it does not work, it does not harm!



  • Donderdag: Out of Office -> Networking Time

    An unique concept based on the well-known after work Principe.

    Put your business card in our Out of Office Box and maybe your company will win a bottle of cava and an invitation to meet with 6 of your colleagues in our B65 Bar. But that’s not all! If you are lucky the logo/name of your company will be shown on the screens in our Bar for a whole month. The draw will always take place on the last Thursday of the month. We also hold ladies’ nights every Thursday with an open Bar on the Cava from 8 pm to 10 pm.

    See you soon in the B65 and keep your business card ready!



  • Friday : Bottle night à 50€ per bottle of spirits

    In order to pleasantly conclude the working week and to start the weekend in a memorable way, we offer you every Friday our bottles of spirits (Smirnoff, J & B, Red Label, Eristoff, Red and Captain Morgan) + soft at a reduced price.

    This promotion in combination with the music of DJ Antrax and DJ LS will certainly make a great party!



  • Saturday : Satur-B à Party time.

    Saturday is all about party and fun!

    So that you can let go of all stress and forget the hard work week, B65 offers you playful and atmospheric theme evenings.

    Come join the parties and discover what B65 can offer you even more!

− Events −

For all your events big and small you can also contact us. We take care of everything, no effort is too big. There is enough place both inside and outside.

− Baar Mobiel −

* We ensure a total package.

About a year ago we started with our after work bar “B65”. Soon we realized that companies, for various reasons, would also like to organize after works on location. With our "Baar Mobile" we want to respond to this demand by offering the total package of an after work event on location.

We can plan everything from A to Z. There are countless possibilities, and we try to fulfill as many of your wishes as possible.

In the first place we have our Baar Mobile. The drinks menu is composed in consultation.

In addition, it is possible to have our chips mobile on location for a snack. We can also provide extra entertainment, such as a DJ.

If it rains or you want to give an extra cachet to your event, we have lots of nice solutions to stay active all year round, weather or no weather

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